Source code for djangocms_equation.models

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Database models for djangocms-equation.
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.db import models
from django.utils.encoding import python_2_unicode_compatible
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

from cms.models import CMSPlugin

    ("cm", "cm"),
    ("mm", "mm"),
    ("in", "in"),
    ("px", "px"),
    ("pt", "pt"),
    ("pc", "pc"),
    ("em", "em"),
    ("ex", "ex"),
    ("ch", "ch"),
    ("rem", "rem"),
    ("vw", "vw"),
    ("vh", "vh"),
    ("vmin", "vmin"),
    ("vmax", "vmax"),
    ("%", "%"),
Allowed values for font-size units see

[docs]@python_2_unicode_compatible class EquationPluginModel(CMSPlugin): """ Database model of saved Equations. """ tex_code = models.TextField(_("tex_code"), blank=True) """ Latex code of the equation. """ is_inline = models.BooleanField(_("is_inline"), blank=True) """ If it should be displayed inline or be stand alone. """ font_size_value = models.FloatField(_("font_size_value"), default=1) """ Value of the font-size with unit font_size_unit. """ font_size_unit = models.CharField( _("font_size_unit"), max_length=5, choices=ALLOWED_FONT_SIZE_UNITS ) """ Value of the font-size with size value font_size_value. """ def __str__(self): """ Returns string representation of the Equation Returns ------- str String representation of the Equation """ if self.is_inline: return "${tex_code}$".format(tex_code=self.tex_code) else: return "$${tex_code}$$".format(tex_code=self.tex_code)