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DjangoCMS plugin to write equations, utilizing KaTeX


  • Enables the use of LaTeX for equations with django-cms

  • Live editing of LaTeX Code, via KaTeX

  • Out of the box support for mhchem

  • Configurable allowing of copying of equation LaTeX code


Install the plugin from PyPi

$ pip install djangocms-equation

Add the plugin to the installed apps in the of your django-cms project.

"INSTALLED_APPS": [..., "djangocms_equation"]

For the Equations to be properly displayed in djangocms-text-ckeditor, while edit them, you need to add the css file to the allowed files of ckeditor. To do this simply add the following lines to your of your django-cms project.

    "contentsCss": ["/static/djangocms_equation/css/change_form_template.css"]


The equations might not be rendered properly in ckeditor-windows, when they are added the first time. This can be fixed by saving the text plugin or having another equation on the page.

To allow copying of equations LaTeX code, add the following line to your

"KATEX_EQUATION_SETTINGS" = {"allow_copy": True}


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